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Part filmmaker.
Part geek.
Part problem solver.

I started my life in video editing when I was 17; something about putting random pieces together to create a flow, a flow that evoked an emotion, this struck a chord in me at that young age.
Did you know editing is the only art form that is unique to cinema? Not to call myself an artist but I came to be a Director and a Filmmaker through editing and it has given me an eye, an eye to see floating pieces together in a cohesive pattern.

As much as I love films, I love technology and mainly just how things work, I like it even better when things don’t work. There’s a kick in solving a problem and putting it back to function and that has extended from fixing VCRs and computers to fixing films or a part of the film making pipeline.

I make commercials, music videos and industrial films and hop through various positions needed in making these, my dream is to make feature length films and good content. I’ve been lucky to have collaborated and found friendships with some of the best talent and minds around the world. When i’m not working I watch reruns of Breaking Bad or sit on the roof with friends at night and chat!

If you’ve got something fun to make or stuck trying to make it, hit me up let’s talk.

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